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Important Safety Message regarding home to school transportation

We have a very important safety message for you regarding home to school transportation. 

We have a large and extensive transportation system that serves over 3.000 daily riders. As an open enrollment school district, allowing schools of choice for our students, we use hub stops to manage our large school bus transportation system. We have four hub stops that enable students to access buses outside of their bussing neighborhood.

It is our goal to best serve our families in their transportation needs to and from school and for after school needs. We have some significant safety concerns at our hub stops that need to be addressed immediately. Our biggest issues are at the Truckee Recreation Center, and Kings Beach Elementary, our two largest hub stops.

Parents are continuously parking illegally in the bus loading zones creating an unsafe area for our students to exit their bus. This is putting our kids at risk of being hit. We don’t want this to happen and if it’s not addressed, we are at risk of losing this hub stop entirely.

It is essential that all parents park in a designated parking stall and stay clear of the bus loading zones. The immediate area (12 feet) around the school bus is the most dangerous place for your child. We need your help to train our students to be safe around the school bus. 
**Please do not park in the bus loading zone
**Please use the sidewalks when entering and exiting the bus loading zone.
**Please refrain from crossing the street in front of or behind the bus.

Local law enforcement will be assisting in enforcing the loading zone rules, but we need your help to keep our kids safe! 

Thank you for your immediate attention to this safety issue.